Cat. 2, Philosophy 7 – BL-31 – The Egg We Live In

Cat. 2, Philosophy 7 – BL-31 – The Egg We Live In

Ch. 31 –  The Egg We Live In


I: Are you serious? That the Earth will become a living organism?

R: Yes, I am serious, as always. But, no, the Earth will not necessarily organismize.

I: You mean it may fail?

R: Correct.

I: Depending on?

R: You.

I: Me?

R: You, singular and plural.

I: I think I know what you mean.

R: What do I mean?

I: The “plural-you” refers to all humanity; the “singular-you” refers to me.

R: I think you know what I mean.

I: Obviously, the Earth has not ‘organismized’ yet?

R: Obviously, not yet.

I: So, the Earth is not yet a fully integrated and transcended planetary organism?

R: Not yet.

I: So then, what is the Earth right now?

R: You can call it a PRE-ORGANISM, or a GEO-EMBRYO.

I: “Pre-Organism” is self-explanatory, but the “Geo-Embryo” takes some explaining. For example, what constitutes the physical body of this “Geo-Embryo”?

R: The Biosphere.

I: Elaborate.

R: The genesis of this Geo-Embryo has four stages of PLANETARY METAMORPHSIS, where the Molecules gave rise to the Cells, the Cells gave rise to the Metabionts, the Metabionts gave rise to Cities, and the Cites gave rise to the Nations. Each stage of Planetary Metamorphosis is a cycle with four quadrants: ORGANISMIZATION, SPECIATION, ECOSYSTEMIZATION and SOCIALIZATION, then ORGANISMIZATION on the level above. So, the “cycle” is not exactly a cycle, but one segment of a spiral, what we called the “I.T. Spiral” (INTEGRATIVE TGRANSCENDENCE SPIRAL).

I: This is epic!

R: Meanwhile, in your Earth saga, your Nations have not given rise to the Planetary Organism, yet, but they are struggling valiantly in the SOCIALIZATION quadrant of the National level of organization. It is to a large degree the classical Good-versus-Evil. As I said, they may or may not succeed.

I: Sounds like Armageddon to me.

R: It could certainly work out that way.

I: And the singular-you-that-is-me, what do you expect me to do?

R: Do what you can to help it succeed.

I: I will.

A silence.

I: How many of these PLANETARY EGGS are there in the Universe?

R: The Planetary-Egg Nursery of this galaxy alone has millions of planetary eggs – at various stages of their planetary metamorphosis, each in its own time.

I: And Earth is the one that is at the point of hatching at this time?

R: That is correct. Where planetary eggs are concerned, your Earth is about as advanced as can be, just one last step from organismization, or failure in doing so. Its time has come.

I: And your task is some kind of galactic egg-tender?

R: You might say that.

I: And you are here at this time to make sure that Geo-Embryo Earth will succeed in its organismization into the Planetary Organism Earth?

R: No. I’m not here to do it for you. I am here to help you do it yourself.

I: So, who will determine success or failure?

R: You, singular and plural.

I: So, if our nuclear ICBMs and SLBMs fly, you are not going to stop them?

R: Neither will I stop humans continuing to pour vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.

I: Why not? I’m sure that with a snap of your finger you can solve all the world’s problems.

R: Yes, but that would violate the principle of non-interference.

I: Why such a policy at all? Why not save all eggs?

R: Because there are good eggs, and there are bad eggs. If we save all eggs, then the bad ones will infiltrate and contaminate the galaxy. The wisdom is to let the innately destructive destroy themselves.

I: We are close to doing it.

R: Most planets get close to doing it at some point. But only the bad ones would end up actually doing it.

I: So, is Earth a good egg or a bad egg?

R: Only you, singular and plural, can answer this.



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