Cat. 2, Philosophy 8 – BL-32 – OSES Cycle of IT Spiral & UO

Cat. 2, Philosophy 8 – BL-32 – OSES Cycle of IT Spiral & UO

Ch. 32 –  OSES Cycle of IT Spiral & the Universal Organism

I: So, what if we fail?

R: Depends.

I: On?

R: How you fail.

I: What kind of how?

R: Say, the fast way or the faster way.

I: What about the slow way?

R: On the geologic time scale, nothing human can be considered slow. Only fast, faster and fastest.

I: The fastest, I presume, is by way of a global nuclear holocaust?

R: Correct.

I: And the merely fast way?

R: Unsustainable consumption of Earth’s limited resources and nonsurvivable changes to Earth’s environment, resulting in catastrophic mass extinction over decades and centuries.”

I: And you’re not going to lift a finger to save us if we go down?” More of a statement than a question.

No response.

I: Okay. So, what if we pass?

R: If you pass, I would be the first to congratulate you.

I: And?

R: And welcome the new Planetary Organism Earth to the Planetary Level of Organization.

I: And then?

R: Then it will go through the OSES Cycle until it either integrates with other planetary organisms in the Solar system to collectively organismize into a Stellar Organism, the Stellar Organism Sol, and transcend on to the Stellar Level of Organization, or fail to do so.

A long silence, during which I tried to fill in the blanks in my mind.

I: So, the OSES Cycle repeats itself from level to level in the IT Spiral. This I think I understand. So, my question now is: How many levels of organization are there between the planet Earth and the Universe?

R: Let’s say seven. Four from the Planetary Level to the Galactic Level, and three more to the Universal Level.

Another pause.

I: So, will the end point be the rise of the Universal Organism?

R: Inevitably.

I: So then, what would this Universal Organism be like?

R: In three words: Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent.

I: What?!

R: You did ask.

I: But… that’s the description of God!

R: Well, yes, the Universal Organism does have godly qualities. But there is an essential difference between them.

I: Let me guess. It has to do with who creates whom?

R: I believe you got it.

I: Yes, God is supposed to be our creator, whereas the Universal Organism shall be our creation.

R: You got it.

I: You mentioned Omnipotence. Just how powerful will the UO be?”

R: Look at it this way. How much more powerful are you than an amoeba?

I: Immensely more powerful.

R: How many levels are you in advance of the amoeba?

I: The Amoeba is an organism on the Cellular level and I am an organism on the Metabiont level above. So, I’m just one level above the amoeba.

R: Then consider this. The Universal Level of Organization is ten levels higher than the Metabiont Level of Organization. So, as you are one level above the amoeba, the UO is ten levels above you. The multileveled TRANSCENDENCE OF POWER.


*     *     *     *     *

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