Cat. 0, Overview – Beautiful Life & Formidable Contribution

Cat. 0, Overview – Beautiful Life & Formidable Contribution

[BEAUTIFUL LIFE] is the meaning of Anthony Marr’s Chinese name and the title of his memoir published in 2016 at age 72. “Formidable” is the word used by UC Berkeley Anthropology Professor Tim White to describe Anthony’s brain child OMNI-SCIENCE, short for the title of his first book (of 5), his magnum opus [OMNI-SCIENCE and the Human Destiny], which took him a quarter century to write.

The back cover of BEAUTIFUL LIFE features a passage from the [BEST ALL-AROUND ACTIVIST AWARD ] bestowed upon him by Negotiation Is Over (NIO) in January 2010, which is not to be confused with the [HENRY SPIRA GRASSROOTS ACTIVIST AWARD] presented to him by Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) in July 2010 at the Animal Rights National Conference in Washington DC, which encapsulates Anthony Marr’s work in a nutshell. Although the display is large, it will save a lot of room down the page that would otherwise have to be devoted to the same subject, just longer.

While Anthony Marr’s life is linear, his contribution is multifaceted, which can best be viewed by the following major campaigns:

  1. 1977 – building the concept of INTEGRATIVE TRANSCENDENCE
  2. 1977 onward – propagate the concept of INTEGRATIVE TRANSCENDENCE
  3. 1977 onward – book writing & publishing – the first published in 2003, the 5th in 2016
  4. 1995-1996 – Chinatown clean-up & WAPPRIITA
  5. 1995 onward – Anti Canadian seal massacre
  6. 1996 – Ban Bear-Hunting in BC Referendum campaign
  7. 1996 onward – anti-hunting movement under the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (formed 2003)
  8. 1996-1999 – 3 trips to India to help save the Bengal tigers where they live
  9. 1996 onward – Anti-fossil fuels
  10. 1996 onward – Educational outreach: K-G12-U, ARC, Free Thought
  11. 1998 – Anti Makah whaling in Washington
  12. 1999 – Formation of Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE – 1999)
  13. 2003-2017 – 8 Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE-tours)
  14. 2004 & 2005 – 2 Undercover operations in Japan
  15. 2009 – Hosting the Animal Voices radio program
  16. 2012 – Ban Shark Fin campaign
  17. 2017 onward – Serve as consultant, adviser, coach & mentor

I will present relevant details in posts under each category. I may quote entire chapters from BEAUTIFUL LIFE which cover the above campaigns, and maybe a few choice chapter on my personal life where appropriate.

So, without further ado, on to the categories.

Thank you for your interest and ongoing support!

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